• Della Donna is a festival that celebrates all the winemakers and proprietors who identify as womxn. With this event, we pay tribute to all the amazing womxn who work in a sustainable, conscientious way, who respect the land, the vines, and the grapes, and who care about the integrity of the final product. We honor those who want to represent and show wine as an expression of variety, time, and place; who learn to ebb and flow with the demands of nature; who work hard for their passion, and who dedicate themselves to creating a quality product.

  • This is for all the womxn who, throughout history, made their own product and sold it in village taverns and bars to support themselves and their families. This is for all the wives who  supported their husbands on farms with vineyards, who tilled the soil, harvested the crop, vinified the wine, and stood back as it was sold. This is for all the womxn who today stand on these historic backs, and who strive to take care of themselves and their families now through the production of this enchanting, engrossing elixir.

  • This festival is, in part, inspired by the Italian celebration for International Women’s Day: Festa della Donna. Italian women celebrate the day by leaving the men and children at home and going out with their friends to drink wine and eat cake. There are many challenging issues facing women in wine, and in the workplace in general, but we hope this event will emulate the celebratory spirit of this Italian tradition, in a more inclusive way—all are welcome!

  • This festival is a pure celebration of all that womxn in wine can achieve. It is a celebration of all the hard work, passion, adventure, ingenuity, and intelligence it takes to make a quality wine as a womxn in the world these days. It is intended to be a safe space where womxn are revered for all that they achieve. It is a place to grow community. It is an international, inclusive event, meant to foster knowledge, relationships, and support among womxn in wine, and within the wine industry as a whole.